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Communicating 101

  • The art of communication 

  • Do you mean what you are saying?

  • The ask is in the details

  • Learn to communicate what you want


Learn your style of communication. Learn to use words that will convey what you are truly desiring to say. Learn to add the required details for effective communication and lastly putting it all together to ensure you are communicating effectively to be understood and to communicate what you want.

To Thy Own Self Be True

  • Define your peace

  • Plan for your peace

  • Make peace with peace

  • Honor your peace!

Determine what peace looks like for you. Create a blueprint to obtain the peace that is desired. Understanding that your peace may inconvenience someone but you deserve it. Become comfortable with communicating to others the boundaries that will help to keep your peace in place.

Breaking The Fear Barrier

  • Determine your fear

  • Examine your fear

  • Confront your fear

  • Conquer your fear


Determine the fear that is holding you back. Learn the origin of the fear. Understand how it shows up in your life. learn to move pass the fear.

Learning To Be Bigger Than Your Emotions

  • Feeling your emotions

  • Recognizing your emotions

  • Talking yourself off the cliff

  • Becoming bigger than your emotions 


Learn to acknowledge your emotions, become aware of the reasons behind the emotion, learn to talk yourself down from destructive emotions, learn to make sensible choices despite your emotions.


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