• Yolanda Nalls

What Does Your Sanctuary Look Like?



Did you know your environment affects your wellbeing! Well it’s true, it does! Having an environment that is peaceful and inviting can improve your mental physical and emotion health. I personally live by the motto that “Peace Is Priceless”. The world can be as crazy as it wants to be, however I will not allow the craziness of the world to walk thru my front door! And when I say NO craziness, I mean NO craziness!! I will give you the shirt off my back, but I will not allow people who carry the energy of discord and imbalance to drop that kind of energy off in my home.

Where you lay your head, each night should be your sanctuary and if it is not then I suggest you do some cleaning!

As with all things concerning self, you must start with self. You must take inventory of your mental, physical, and emotional needs. Once you have a clear understanding of your triggers and your tolerances, then you must create and enforce boundaries to ensure you are protecting the one place that you have the control to protect.

Creating an environment where you can thrive, heal, and unwind is a great attribute to your over health and a beautiful gift that you can give to yourself. If you don’t have peace anywhere else in this world you definitely should be able to have it at home.

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