• Yolanda Nalls

Sexy Is As Sexy Does!



Ok listen up…it’s time to talk about Sexual wellness. Typically, whenever the word sex shows up in any form we immediately go to the thought of intercourse. Well not today…sorry. Today’s sexual wellness will focus solely on self-care and awareness. Before we can feel sexy for someone else, we must feel sexy for ourselves. The thing about being sexy is that it looks and feels different for each of us. So, are caring for yourself in a way that nurtures your sexual health?

So as with all things concerning self, we must start with self. What makes you feel sexy? Determining that is the first step in nurturing your sexual wellness.

Is your aspect of sexy realistic or fabricated thru social media?

Having a natural appreciation of self is priceless. Whatever it is that you have within your power to do to nurture your sexual wellness…in the words of NIKE…just do it! You deserve to feel sexy! Feeling sexy is healthy!

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