• Yolanda Nalls

I Think Therefore I AM!



It’s been said that there is nothing like a good challenge! And to that I agree! Challenging ourselves intellectually is excellent food for the brain! Sometimes life can be overwhelming, so much so that we reach a point where we no longer like to challenge ourselves. We say things like “oh I’m too old” or “I don’t have time” but what I have learned from challenging myself is “the challenge just needs to be worth the reward” The prize at the end of that challenge has got to be something we really want or need, or it has get us one step closer to what we want or need.

One of the definitions of the word challenge is to invite into a competition. Challenging yourself to compete/grow in enlightenment and education will not only improve your mental health but also your emotional and physical health.

So as with all things concerning self, we must start with self. Take inventory of your life. Unpack that desire you had to learn a skill or a trade, you know the one you tucked away in your suitcase of all things I would have like to do but never did. Once you unpack that “I always wanted to” then find a location or a virtual class to get started challenging yourself in learning a new skill, trade or becoming more enlightened. Once you have gained the knowledge and experience then move on to the next challenge to get you another step closer to your ultimate goal!

I personally believe that we are here on this earth to learn and grow and in order for us to do that we must challenge ourselves until the day we take our last breath and because of this belief I know that we can never be too old or too busy to do anything.

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