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Emotions Make You Cry Sometimes

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“Emotions make you cry sometimes” Well that’s not all they do. They can also make you scream, cuss, and act a complete fool! So, you’d think that we would work toward having more control over our emotions, but we don’t. “Be bigger than your emotions” that is the motto I live by and so freely give out to anyone having an emotional battle/dilemma. I also follow that motto with “don’t hurt yourself, trying to hurt someone else” meaning if there is something you desire to do, don’t let your “I’m mad” emotion prevent you from having an experience that you truly desire to have, because ultimately what you are doing is letting your emotions punish you and the person you’re mad at.

That is why being bigger than your emotions is a valuable tool.

So as with all things concerning self, we must start with self. I understand sometimes emotions can be overwhelming, but you are not your emotions. So when emotions are at a peak level, I like to use the method of “talking yourself off the cliff” meaning for every negative thought that fuels that emotion combat it with a non-emotional thought, a thought centered around logic. Be the friend to yourself that you would be to your good friend who needed you to help calm them down. Focus on identifying the true nature of the emotion, the why behind the emotion because it’s usually bigger than the current situation.

Emotions play a huge part in our everyday lives, and as life continues to challenge us, having an emotional balancing tool will help to create emotional wellness in our lives.

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