• Yolanda Nalls

Can We Talk?



In this season where social media and digital communication is at the forefront of how we stay connected to one another. It is of the utmost importance that we create and nurture healthy, thriving social connections and relationships. It’s funny, as a child I use to hear that in the future we would be able to see each other on the phone instead of just talking to one another…low and behold that has come true! But just because we may be able to connect with each other easier does not mean that the social circle we are connecting with is good for us. Having a social circle that aims to uplift, support and encourage you will feed your mind, body and spirt just as it would feed it with a social circle that aims to do the opposite.

The difference is one feeding will push you forward in life while the other feeding will keep you stagnant.

So as with all things concerning self, we must start with self. Like attracts like, so take inventory of who you are as a person. Research yourself and find out if you are the type of person you would want in the circle you are looking for. Then make sure your being and displaying the qualities you desire to receive from others. Develop and/or rekindle relationships with people who are positive and supportive and that you feel will be a good energy for you!

Having positive social relationships is like have a security blanket that you can grab and hold on to when needed. We’re all walking this life’s journey together, having healthy social connections makes the walk a little easier.

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