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Wellness Check


Economic uncertainty can be a major stress factor! As we all would like to have the things we need and the things we want but with unemployment at an all-time high and toilet paper at an all-time low, it’s enough to drive anyone crazy! And I swear the cost of groceries have doubled!! Trying to find a way out of what seems to be no way can affect all aspects of your wellbeing.

So as with all things concerning self, we must start with self. First thing I want you to know is you can only do what you can do! And secondly please don’t be ashamed to ask for help! Reaching out to creditors and utility companies and asking for help has proven to be beneficial. Reaching out to your church family and community can also be beneficial. Food pantries and services are also a real blessing in times of need.

The good thing about trouble is “it doesn’t last always”.

You may be struggling now, but your struggle is just a chapter in your life it is not the whole book! Use this time to explore entrepreneurial ventures as this down time might be just what you needed to find and follow your passion/gift! And once you get revenue coming in develop a plan, create a budget and stick to it, then before you know it, the struggle will be over.

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