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Our Mission

RSG Consulting was created for those who seek guidance as they look to elevate to the next level. We are here for the individuals that are committed to defeating the obstacles that often prevent us from reaching our goals.


RSG Consulting will be the support system that will walk with you step by step. Creating personalized plans and providing resources and support, while administering accountability, extending accessibility, and encouraging completion. RSG Consulting is here to help you create your new reality.

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Our Founder's Journey

Meet Yolanda Nalls

Having a business mindset and a natural talent for goal completion, I have sought to assist people as far back as I can remember. Being a certified Life Coach in full body wellness, allows me to assist those who desire to reach their wellness goals be it physically, emotionally, socially etc.


In my earlier work experience, I provided counseling at Neapolitan Lighthouse to women and children for 3 years. I also worked as a counselor at Maryville Academy where I counseled young boy for 2 years. I continued to mentor young girls through different organizations until I started my own non-profit organization entitled Nu Alpha. Nu Alpha centered around mentoring young women and helping them obtain the resources needed to be successful in life. Teaching and counseling are my passions as I truly enjoy helping others. I am here to assist all those who are ready to do the work to make the change!


Being a divorcee and a single mother to one awesome daughter, I have experienced both the highs and lows of what life has to offer. I have personally had to Reevaluate, Strategize, and Grow into the best version of myself to achieve my own goals. I know from a first person perspective how accountability and accessibility encourages goal completion.

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